ANBX1 - External Off-Road Navigation Box


  • External Off-Road Navigation Box


External Off-Road Navigation Box


• Unlimited access to our vector map and raster map libraries with over 400 maps. Download maps for offline use. Transfer maps to your SD card to free-up internal memory.
• Raster map creation tool - requires the NavAtlas Utility companion app or tethering of your NavAtlas unit to a Wifi hotspot. Multiple map formats area available including USGS, NASA Satellite Maps, Canada Toporama and several others.
• Waypoint and trail management systems.
• Waypoint search.
• Waypoint file system.
• Waypoint journal
• Companion application, NavAtlas Utilities, available on Google Play. NavAtlas Utilities is used to download maps to your Android device and to transfer them to your NavAtlas unit. The application also receives kml and gpx files containing your waypoints and recorded tracks create with your NavAtlas Off Road Navigation.
• KML & GPX file exporting for trails and waypoints. Share data and view in Google Earth. Companion application, NavAtlas Utilities available on Google Play, is required.
• A panel for all your GPS parameters.
• Navigational compasses.
• Trail recorder.
• Military coordinate finder
• Several waypoint creation tools: Enter coordinates, drop a pin on a map, save your current position.
• Two Waypoint Guidance Systems including a dynamic waypoint compass that always points to your target and GPS Reflected Pseudo-Radar.
• Search maps by coordinates.
• GPS Satellite graphs and position charts
• Seamless integration with Google Earth
• Supports several coordinate formats: Latitude /Longitude as degrees,deg:min or deg:min:sec,UTM, MGRS.
• Map with floating reticule that shows your position with bearing and distance to reticule.
• Sunrise Sunset report- Does not require a network connection. Useful for planning expedition turnaround time or time to make camp.

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